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eCommerce Write for Us – Guest Post and Blogging Write for Us Opportunity

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If you love to keep up with the latest industry trends related to eCommerce and/or online shopping, here is an opportunity to write for us. eCommerce trends, updates and information are a few things online shoppers are always looking for. And so, we are looking to collaborate with writers and professionals on eCommerce guest posts with a blogging write for us opportunity. It’s a prospect for you to spread your ideas and stories about eCommerce and online shopping with readers across the world!

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Freshers and professional writers, bloggers, freelancers as well as shopping enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are welcome to contribute high-quality content and write for us on eCommerce. We are in search of well-written, insightful and innovative content to help us become the destination for relevant information surrounding the digital and eCommerce world.

So, if you think you have what it takes to produce well-researched, accurate and 100% original content and want to get recognized, Shopify write for us.

Write for Us – eCommerce (Guest Post and Blogging Write for Us)

No matter the eCommerce or online shopping platform, there are certain guidelines you must follow to eCommerce write for us.

Topics You can Write for Us

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing

Shopping Shopping

Web & Web Hosting  Web & Web Hosting

Application Optimization & Marketing Application Optimization & Marketing

Content Marketing Content Marketing

Video Marketing Video Marketing

Lead Generation Lead Generation

 Blog Marketing & Blogging Blog Marketing & Blogging

Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship

Ecommerce – Social Commerce & Mobile Commerce Ecommerce – Social Commerce & Mobile Commerce

Technology Technology

Tools and Tactics Tools and Tactics

WordPress WordPress

Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing

Email Marketing Email Marketing

Online Marketing Online Marketing

Making Money Online Making Money Online

Coupons Deals Coupons Deals

App Development App Development

Fashion & Lifestyle Fashion & Lifestyle

Search Engine Optimization SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Strategies to grow Business Strategies to grow Business

Ecommerce Startup Ecommerce Startup

Growth Hacking Growth Hacking

Drop shipping Drop shipping

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation

How to “How to” & “Top” Article etc.

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eCommerce Write for Us, Guest Post and Blogging Write for Us Requirements

We understand the time and effort that goes into creating every piece of eCommerce write for us content. Hence, we urge writers to take the time to go through the following guidelines to help us make sure your eCommerce write for us articles are uploaded on our website.

  • Submit Original Content

The articles submitted should be unique and must not have been published elsewhere. Since this is vital, we check all eCommerce guest posts and blogging write for us articles submitted for plagiarism before uploading any article on our website.

  • Create High-Quality Content

Writers must conduct thorough research when writing for us on online shopping. And, any data, statistics and quotes should be cited from the source to enhance the quality of the eCommerce guest post.

  • Use a Conversational Tone

When you write for us on eCommerce, make sure you always address readers while keeping the tone casual. This goes a long way in helping readers and visitors on our website relate to the content. However, at the same time, the tone of the eCommerce guest post should not be exaggerated or over-promising to mislead the readers.

  • Pay Attention to Article Length

The minimum length of articles we accept is 700 words and you can write up to 2000 words. And, when you write for us on shopping, you have the chance to go in-depth with highly researched articles.

  • Submit Proofread Articles

If you consider writing for us on online shopping, pay great attention to the grammar, punctuation, spelling and semantics. Also, don’t use vocabulary or sentence structures that may be difficult for readers to understand.

  • Include High-Quality Images

When eCommerce writing for us, you may include 3 – 4 high-quality images that are relevant to the article and our website. And, please refrain from using images that may have a watermark or copyright. Moreover, you should include the sources of the images.

[We do not accept stock images so please don’t include any in your article.]

Key Factors to Remember When You Write for Us on eCommerce

When submitting an eCommerce guest post, blogging write for us or write for us shopping article, there are some important rules to follow.

  • The article must be written following the current global industry standards and events that may be related to eCommerce and/or online shopping.
  • The Shopify write for us articles should not include affiliate or promotional links. Also, it should not be linked to another website, be it a competitor or otherwise.
  • Before choosing a topic to write for us on eCommerce, make sure it hasn’t already been published on our website. We encourage contributors to be unique and present a new angle to readers to make the content interesting. And, this goes a long way in ensuring the readers remain engaged and keep coming back to your eCommerce guest posts.
  • If your eCommerce guest post does not meet the above-mentioned criteria, we reserve the right to reject it. Furthermore, we also reserve the right to make changes to any blogging write for us and online shopping articles submitted. This is to make sure they meet the standards of our platform and to keep our user base engaged.

Why You Should Consider eCommerce Guest Posting for Us?

  • When you write an eCommerce guest post for our website, you will get the right exposure you are looking for. And, over time, you can become an industry expert in your chosen niche and also lead more visitors to your blog or website.
  • With our eCommerce write for us guest posting opportunity, you will have the chance to share your personal experiences, insights and ideas with new people in the digital marketing community. This will help you become an integral part of a growing industry and connect with audiences globally. And, in this way, you can let your voice be heard and spread the messages you want to.
  • With blogging write for us, you have the advantage of adding an author bio at the end of the article. It will include a picture of you and you can add one link to your website and/or social media account(s).
  • In time, you will build a reputation and this will help make eCommerce guest posting on other websites much easier for you.

How to Submit an eCommerce Write for Us Guest Post?

First, you have to send us an outline at of the proposed article. It must contain the structure, correct headings and subheadings along with points you wish to include within them. This will help us understand the approach you are taking with your eCommerce guest post and determine whether or not it’s suitable for our website.

If we think your ideas and article are suitable for our website, we will send an approval email. And, after this, you must write the article, proofread and check it for plagiarism to ensure it’s 100% original. Once done, you can email the finished article along with a short author bio within 100 words which also includes a link to your website and personal information. However, you may have to wait a few days for our review process to be over and for us to either confirm or deny the article. Also, since we have a huge list of guest bloggers and writers looking to get published on our website, you must remain patient after submitting your draft.

However, if we think your article isn’t suitable, we will reach out to you with suggested changes we think might help. And, then you can follow the above-mentioned process to submit and publish your eCommerce guest post on our website.