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What better way to entertain yourself than to watch movies? Nowadays, there are so many incredible movies available in so many languages. Coolmoviez 2022 is that one source for you. It is an associate illegitimate website that gives you access to free download latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, and Punjabi movies. All the movies here are available for free, and the user has to pay no kind of money

Features of Coolmoviez 2022 –

  • The movies available on the website can be downloaded for free
  • All the Bollywood movies and even foreign films which are available are dubbed in Hindi and Tamil
  • Unlike other movie platforms, it allows to view films and their trailer even before the release
  • The interface is straightforward, and thus, the user can go straight to the movie file
  • Most of the movies available have subtitles
  • You can find movies in different categories along with A to Z series
  • You will get movies in various languages such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telegu.

Different quality and sizes of movies available on Coolmoviez –

All movies can be downloaded from cool movies 2022, and the users can choose the movie quality they want to see. Some movie qualities that can be downloaded are-

  • 360o
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p full HD

Users can also select the movie size they would prefer to download the movies in, so the moves sizes that you will get on Coolmoviez 2022 are-

  • 300Mb Dual Audio
  • 400 MB
  • 700Mb
  • 1GB Blueray

Downloading movies category wise on Colmoviez 2020 –

Movies on the site are uploaded category-wise, so it is easy for users to access them. This gives the best kind of experience to the users. Here are some of the category types one can see on the Coolmoviez 2022 platform

  • All Hollywood movies
  • Bollywood movies
  • Punjabi movies
  • Gujarati movies
  • Odia movies
  • Bhojpuri movies
  • Nepali movies
  • Pakistani movies
  • All types of web series
  • Cartoon movies
  • Anime movies

Various other categories can also be seen.

Different genre types are available on Coolmoviez 2022 –

Everyone has their interest and own favorite types of genres like action, comedy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, and others. Here are some genres available

Sci-fi, action, romance, comedy, fantasy, adventure, thriller, horror, family, drama, crime, mystery

Website link for Coolmoviez 2022 –

The website owner constantly keeps on changing the URL of coolmoviez as the government keeps on banning their websites from time to time. Here is the list of multiple attachments or links-

  • Coolmoviez in
  • Coolmoviezcc
  • Coolmoviezfm
  • Coolmoviezvip
  • Coolmoviezpro
  • Coolmoviezfu
  • Coolmoviezme
  • Coolmovies nn
  • Coolmoviez ml
  • Coolmoviez com
  • Coolmovie us
  • Coolmoviez cf
  • Coolmoviez cl
  • Coolmoviez online

Steps to download movies from Coolmoviez 2022 –

The site is user-friendly and has easy access to download movies, and it has straightforward steps to download the film for free. Below are the steps –

  1. Firstly, you need to go on Coolmoviez 2022 and search for Coolmoviez. ml
  2. Next, you would have the option to check movies by categories
  3. You can also search for movies using the search button
  4. After finding your wanted movie, select the film and choose the size of the movie you want
  5. You can either download the movie or open it in a new chrome tab by right click on the movie icon
  6. After that, you have to submit a captcha or human verification
  7. After waiting for 5 -10 sec, you will be automatically redirected to 2-3 websites before getting the downloading link
  8. Now go to the download link, where you will get redirected to the original movie link
  9. Here, you need to select the movie download link like google drive
  10. And here your movie starts downloading

Why is Coolmoviez 2022 so famous?

The reason for the popularity of Coolmoviez 2022 is the easy-to-use interface and the facility to get movies for free, and it has millions of traffic on monthly bases.

Other reasons are that the website offers a wide range of movies of different types and genres, and people download thousands of films every week. Another thing is that it downloads movies very fast.

Movies leaked by Coolmoviez 2022 –

Various movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and other regional languages like john wick, KGF, Asur (Welcome to Your Dark Side), parasite, zombies, frozen 2, Bhuj, and numerous others have been leaked by this website.

Is Coolmoviez 2022 safe and legal?

The short answer is NO, and this is an online pirated website thus not legitimate to use according to Indian laws and safety. Furthermore, these websites have a rush of privacy leaks plus hacking attempts on your device, so one needs to be careful when using sites like these.

A good idea to use websites like Coolmoviez 2022 and other similar websites would be to use protection such as VPN like Nord or turbo VPN

Similar or alternatives you can use for Coolmoviez 2022 –

There are various other websites from where you will find pirated movies for free

Government rules about piracy –

Firstly you need to know whether the website you use is legal or illegal because if a website is unlawful, you can land into serious trouble. That is why it is very important to be aware of movies like these. If you have to watch them, you can use legal apps because they directly get movies from pirates’ sources. It costs a lot of loss to the government and people who initially have rights to the film.

The government has made a rule against piracy websites like these, that it is a crime and a person can go to jail.

Legal alternatives for Coolmoviez 2022 –

If you want to watch a movie or website online, many legal options are available.

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon prime
  3. Zee5
  4. ALTBalaji
  5. Hotstar
  6. Voot
  7. SonyLIV

Income of Coolmoviez 2022 –

The website realizes a lot of content, and wherever they upload new movies, a lot of traffic comes to the website. In addition, many ads also appear on the website, which gives the owner a good income. According to various reports, the website’s net worth is 100 dollars to 1000 dollars a month.

Final Thoughts:

So our final words would be that according to the government of India, anyone promoting or using pirated content could face legal actions, so we as adults and responsible citizens should know what we have to do.

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