Ways to prevent email and bill fraud

bill fraud

No modern company is exempt from suffering some type of administrative fraud, all are susceptible to scams, and, therefore, it is necessary to have an excellent computer system where all digitized documents are protected .

Cybercrime is a topic that very little news about exists –especially because the victim companies feel ashamed or try to maintain status at the top, so they prevent news of this type of scams from coming to light–, but it is about very skilled people who know various tricks to get companies to fall into their networks, and thus get as much money as possible from them.

What can companies do to avoid falling victim to scams?

It is important to understand that it is not enough just to integrate a regular computer system to the company, there are other important tips that you can  read here  so that your employees focus on being highly useful for the company and for themselves. These are some tips that can simplify the performance of an organization and avoid economic catastrophes.

A clear strategy to avoid being scammed is to start automating all accounting processes with new technological tools and leave obsolete manual tasks behind. In administrative departments there are always endless documents and invoices on a desk: accounts payable, receivable, payroll, suppliers and more, but all this can be automated in less time than usual with a robotic system.

Avoid human error with an automated ERP

You can incorporate an ERP compatible with your accounting to prevent employees from making huge numerical errors, which can affect the performance of the organization. By integrating an automation system, the difficult work done by hand will no longer be necessary and your pending accounts can be better arranged compared to the procedures used previously.

The most classic way that cyber fraudsters have to steal your money is through a poor digital administrative system, and that is where business owners and companies should focus their efforts with updated digital tools and with different levels of security, capable of protecting your assets and other sensitive information.

Phishing scams are more common

Phishing is one of the most common scams on the Internet, it is when a third party deceives you and makes you think that you are using a secure and transparent website when in fact it is not In other words, you access your real financial data to a pirate website that will then use that information to keep your money.

Despite this, today it is difficult for a hacker to have the same URL as an official website, and this is precisely what you must take into account to avoid phishing. As you can see, avoiding being scammed online or via email is very simple, it has a lot to do with people’s common sense.

In addition to paying attention to the web address, additional measures can also be taken, such as calling the official contact numbers of said entity and verifying if it really is a connection that exists or if it is simply a scam. Taking the correct precautions will help you in endless opportunities .

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