Piracy website Moviespur for downloading 3GP and MP4 Movies.

Moviespur is a one-stop site for downloading free movies, songs, and series. Although it is an illegal website, people prefer to download content from here as it is available for free. Unfortunately, Moviespur comes under the list of busiest websites for pirated content availability.

Still, some websites come under the category of legal websites even after providing pirated content, e.g. torrent, because the content is uploaded on the website by the users themselves.

MoviesPur.com is a website that provides movies available on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and other OTT platforms for free. The highest watching of moviespur.com is from Pakistan and India, as not everyone cannot afford to Pay for a subscription here.

You do not have to pay even a penny to download movies or songs from this app. Moviespur makes money through popup ads. These ads may affect the user’s device as they contain a virus. As moviespur is an illegal website, most of its revenue is generated through these ads only.

Types of content available on moviespur are as follows:

  • All Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood movies
  • Dubbed movies and series
  • Top-rated movies
  • All Bollywood and Hollywood songs
  • V. shows in series. Etc.

Best things about MoviesPur.com-        

  • All types of content
  • Going to take less time to load
  • User friendly
  • Accurate information
  • Good support and service
  • All types of genres are available

Piracy means stealing intellectual property rights.

For any details, you can contact MoviesPur on their official website.

Many piracy content-providing sites had to be shut down due to government pressure, but this site has existed for a long time and will not be taken down any time soon.

They not only affect your device but the movie industry as well. The actors and moviemakers oblige. The audience can watch the movie in theatres or on any legal platform and not leak movies. Box office collection and ratings entirely depend on how many people have legally watched the movie. The movie is a hit or a flop based on the audience’s review.

Using Moviespur or any other piracy website for downloading movies is unlawful, and you could even go to main for doing that. Using Someone else’s content and using it without proper permission or without giving them rights come under the copyright act.

So many sites come and go in the world of piracy, But moviespur is the one that has stayed for a very long time.

During covid, such sites got a huge boost as theatres were closed, so people started watching movies at home and from illegal websites, and there has been a case not just in India by across the world,

Just think how many people you know who did not use to watch movies but nowadays do; since the lockdown started, most of these people watch movies from pirated websites.

How piracy started:

Piracy is usually done online; it is a process of downloading and distributing content without legal permission from the content owner. Piracy is a social problem affecting stakeholders, enterprises, and countries.

The law for the protection of copyrighted material is already made. This law contains all the consequences a pirate will have to face.

While downloading a pirated movie, some apps need a VPN. VPN is a tool that helps to download or do illegal surfing without letting your I.P. addresses get revealed.

No matter how much money Piracy could save. It is still a very hectic process. Below are a few measures that you should take to avoid piracy. Piracy website such as torrent has been in existence since 2017

  • Always download software from a trusted site, e.g. use android, and use the play store to download an app instead of a third-party app.
  • If the software is inexpensive but has outstanding features, then there is a chance that it may be a pirated one.
  • Make sure that you are using the correct version of specific software. If you’re using educational software for a commercial purpose, it will be considered a crime.
  • Make sure to read the specific details about the software. It may be imposing certain restrictions such as no use for commercial, educational, or other business purposes.

Why do people download movies online through illegal websites?

Movies that perform well at the box office mainly get pirated because most people cannot watch those movies as soon as possible, but either the tickets are not available or are expensive. Moviespur is a one-stop destination for all the latest blockbuster movies.

The top downloaded movies on piracy software last month were:-

  • Spiderman: No way home
  • The outfit
  • Moonfall
  • The contractor
  • The Death on the Nile
  • All the old knives
  • Agent games
  • Turning Red
  • The Batman

Moviespur and other piracy software are overgrowing, especially in India. As people are not well educated and are poor. Most Indians cannot afford to watch movies in the theatre, so they prefer illegal means to protect them. Due to the lack of knowledge of Indians about piracy, it has become challenging to prohibit piracy.

Impact of piracy:

Since 2002, the loss caused by digital piracy has been around two-sixty five billion dollars, and it was discovered in 2004 that this was causing a massive loss to the movie industry, up to 4%. Unfortunately, some countries like Malaysia and Thailand do not follow laws concerning online piracy, but some countries that have passed laws against piracy have not proven effective.

Piracy is an encrypted process, so no one will know who sent what. This is done to save the uploader from getting caught.

The first copywriting case was witnessed in the year 1771, which started when a 14-year-old boy named Wolfgang Mozart came to know about this term. This era ended soon, but various P2P (Peer to peer) file-sharing programs started using likewise for supplying pirated content.

Later a new program was introduced in the world of BitTorrent, which later gave rise to other programs such as QBitTorrent, delguard, transmission.


Software companies face several problems, including huge losses due to the piracy of the software. Researchers and cyber security teams are trying g to find techniques to navigate, detect and Identify piracy in software. Still, there is a lack of knowledge about how to tackle the problem of software piracy.

There is also a need to increase social awareness about the same in our country. Piracy has more ill effects than benefits, and it causes problems in the longer run. From owners to distributors, from sellers to buyers, everyone faces problems.

People do more Piracy theft because using their psychological thinking is a problem for software companies. The original software, website etc., provide numerous benefits to the users such as upgrades, good quality movies, technical support, safety from viruses etc.

Movie and other websites earn a lot by exploiting bugs, and they do not provide the above benefits. Studies have shown that only 1% of people do not care about piracy, and almost 70.9% of people are aware of the demerits of piracy. Software piracy is an increasing problem in today’s world. Although pirates earn a lot of money by performing piracy, end-users do not know about this.


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